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Click the PDF file below to access the Swindon Smash Badminton constitution:

Children's Code of Conduct:

1. All young players must play within the laws of the game and respect all official and their decisions.


2. All young players must show respect for other young players in the club, including opponents, coaches and officials.


3. All young players should keep to agreed times for sessions and competitions, and inform the appropriate person if they are going to be late.


4. If after having been selected for a competition or match, a young player is required to withdraw, they must inform the appropriate person immediately.


5. All young players must wear appropriate badminton sport clothing for club sessions and competitions.


6. All young players must pay any fees for training and events promptly, or by the due date.


7. There is to be no swearing or abusive language at the Club or at away events, use of sexist or racist language or gestures at any time.


8. There is to be no eating, chewing gum or drinking on court (apart from bottled water). If eating on the sidelines, please dispose of your rubbish in the bin.


9. Young players are not permitted to smoke, consume alcohol or drugs of any kind on the Club premises, or whilst representing the Club.  Players who are required to take prescribed medicine must discuss this with the Club’s Child Welfare Officer.

To access the full code of conduct, click the PDF file below:


Click the icon down below to access the document:

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