Important announcement

Dear Members,


We hope that you and your families are all well, and that the events of the last year have not affected you too much.


It is with great sadness that we have decided to close Swindon Smash Badminton Club.


Howard, Jason and John, have run the club for the last 15 years, and were joined 3 years ago by Preeti.  We have calculated that we invest approximately 60 hours per month each into running the club.  I’m sure you will appreciate that this has been a huge commitment for all of us.  However, due to future work commitments and personal commitments, we are unable to offer the support that the club demands.


We hope that the club has brought you all great happiness, and you have enjoyed our efforts.  We believe that the last 15 years has been some of the greatest times (at badminton) and on a personal level we have loved every minute of it!  We have also made some of the greatest friends.  It has been a pleasure to have enjoyed your company.


We have thought long and hard about this decision, but we are simply unable to find the time to ensure the club continues, is fully compliant and is financially sustainable.


Clearly, we will need to refund fees to our members for the period that we were unable to open. 


Could you send your bank details to John Prothero (Email address below) to enable us to action your refund.


In addition to this Howard & Preeti have expressed an interest to continue the Junior section on Saturdays only with the help of at least 4 committed volunteers.  This will be subject to being able to secure the booking at the New College and gaining the support of said volunteers to ensure the junior section can be run safely and within Badminton England Guidelines.


Should Howard and Preeti not get any volunteers by the end of June 2021 to assist in the future running of the junior section, it will also need to be closed.


If you are interested and able to help with running the junior section, please email Howard or Preeti at …………


It has been a great pleasure and we hope you have enjoyed the club.


Best regards, 



Howard, Jason, John & Preeti